Hotels & Resorts in Pahang

The state capital of the Pahang state is known as Kuantan whereas the royal capital of Pahang is the district known as Pekan. On top of the state capital and the royal capital, the Pahang state has another 9 main administrative districts where these districts are categorized as Bentong, Bera, Cameron Highlands, Jerantut, Lipis, Maran, Raub, Rompin and as well as Temerloh. In the early days, the main economy of the Pahang state depends mostly on tropical timber production and mining. However, with the declination of natural resources such as lumber, the main trend for the economy dependency of the Pahang state has shifted towards fishery, petrochemical processing, gold mining and last but not least, golf tourism.

Generally, the people here in the Pahang state are very friendly and down to earth. For the tourists who wish to escape from the hustle bustle city life, then staying at a hotel in Pahang is definitely one of the top choices as aside being rich culturally, the Pahang state also has many wonderful natural resources such as forests, highlands and beaches.

Pahang Hotels and Resorts Recommended for your Malaysia Golf Holiday

Berjaya Tioman Beach Golf & Spa Resort

There are few fine hotels and resorts that merit the reputation of offering you standards and grace like no other. Only our best serves you with unwavering taste, timeless sophistication and warm courtesy. This is where hospitality meets simple elegance for Malaysia golf holiday makers who love travel.

Grand Continental Hotel

A city hotel that links both east and west coast of Malaysia boasting of its central location within easy access to public transportation, shopping centres, medical centres, government offices and famous local restaurants. A panoramic view of the South China Sea can viewed from the hotel's upper floors.

Vistana Hotel

Kuantan was designed to be a moderately- priced business hotel catering to Malaysian and regional business travellers. The key to its product difference is that it features the discipline of product performance associated with international standard hotels which often charge much higher prices.