Highlands (Cameron & Genting)


Pahang is home to four hill resorts – Cameron Highlands, Fraser’s Hill, Bukit Tinggi Resort and Genting Highlands, dubbed City of Entertainment, Pahang is also one of Malaysia’s favorite golf destinations. Mention Pahang to a Malaysian, and he will probably conjure up visions of lush tropical forests, cool mountain air, beaches, lakes and waterfalls nestling in the arms of mountain crevices. The largest state in peninsular Malaysia is, in many ways, one of its most wild and Edenic. Two thirds of it is covered by unspoiled rain forest.
Visitors to Pahang are usually there to visit the state’s famous hill resorts, its internationally-known islands and beaches, or Taman Negara, the Peninsula’s finest park. Each of these attractions is substantial enough to merit special attention in our pages. Pahang’s other attractions, though less well-known, should not be missed by anyone visiting the state

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Pahang Holiday Attractions

While the capital of Pahang is of less historical interest than many of Malaysia’s state capitals, Kuantan is the entry point for many of Pahang’s peerless beach resorts.

Twenty-five kilometers northwest of Kuantan, the Charah caves are the site of a revered Buddhist sanctuary. The caves continue to serve as solitary meditation retreats for Buddhist monks and nuns. Visitors may explore some of the caves and gorges, including one that houses an impressive stone sculpture of the reclining Buddha.

A hundred kilometers south of Kuantan is Tasik Chini. The thirteen fresh-water lakes that make up Tasik Chini are steeped in myths and mysteries, from the requisite stories of monsters in the lakes to legends of an ancient Khmer city on the site. Local stories assert that the mythical city would escape attack by sinking into the lake.