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Wednesday, 2017-11-22

Hotels & Resorts in Malaysia

Hotels and Resorts in MalaysiaMalaysia hotels and resorts are world class and contribute to a wonderful Malaysia golf holiday. From the tropical beaches of Penang and Malacca to the futuristic city of Kuala Lumpur, passing by the rainforests of Sarawak and Sabah states (in Borneo), Malaysia has something for everyone. offers a range of hotels and resorts all around Malaysia, chosen especially with the golfer in mind.  Whether you're on a budget or demand the very best in luxury, service and facilities, you'll find the right hotel or resort in Malaysia to ensure your golf vacation in Malaysia is something special.  Short of time?  Just contact our Malaysia Golf experts now and they'll be happy to answer any questions and recommend the most suitable hotels and resort for your Malaysia golf holiday.


Hotels in JohorHotels & Resorts in Johor

Johor hotels are inexpensive and Malaysia golf holiday makers will enjoy the variety of golf resorts and hotels as well as the golf courses in Johor, one of Malaysia's and Asia's best golf destinations... Hotels in Johor




Hotels & Resorts in Langkawi

Langkawi is one of the most popular beach destinations. It is fast growing into a holiday destination, as the beautiful island of Langkawi has outstanding amenities... Hotels in Langkawi




Hotels in KedahHotels and Resorts in Kedah

Kedah is one of the oldest states in Peninsular Malaysia and golfers visiting Malaysia will find the hotels and golf resorts in Kedah contribute to the ultimate Malaysia golf vacation which will rival any golf holiday ...Hotels in Kedah




Hotels in KelantanHotels & Resorts in Kelantan

Kelantan is a state in Malaysia where it is given the title of "The Cradle of Malay Culture" and the hotels in Kelantan are amongst the best anywhere in Malaysia for golfers wanting to relax in style... Hotels in Kelantan




Hotels in Kuala LumpurHotels & Resorts in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, affectionately known as KL, is an amazing cultural melting pot of culture and the hotels in Kuala Lumpur are famous for accommodating golfers in Malaysia and takingg care of their every need... Hotels in Kuala Lumpur




Hotels in MelakaHotels & Resorts in Melaka

Melaka or Malacca is a state in Malaysia which is located at the western coast of Peninsular Malaysia and has many great hotels that Malaysia golf holiday makers will enjoy whatever their style of accommodation... Hotels in Melaka




Hotels in Negeri SembilanHotels & Resorts in Negeri Sembilan

Negeri Sembilan starts just 50 km south of Kuala Lumpur. Hotels and resorts in Negeri Sembilan are numerous and can be booked right here at Malaysia Golf Holiday the experts for golf in Malaysia...Hotels in Negeri Sembilan




Hotels in PahangHotels & Resorts in Pahang

Hotels and golf resorts in Pahang are growing year by year and any golfers to Malaysia will want to stay in the best accommodation on their next golfing trip to Malaysia, Asia's most exotic golf destination... Hotels in Pahang




Hotels in PerakHotels & Resorts in Perak

Perak is divided into nine districts and the selection of golfer friendly hotels and resorts is second to none.  Perak has many of the best hotels in Malaysia ideal for golfers planning a Malaysia golf holiday... Hotels in Perak





Hotels in PenangHotels & Resorts in Penang

Penang is also well known as the Pearl of the Orient here in Malaysia where Penang itself is situated at the north-western coast of the Peninsular Malaysia.  Hotels in Penang cater to golfers.. Hotels in Penang




Hotels in SabahHotels & Resorts in Sabah

Mountainous and largely carpeted by lush tropical rainforests, its population of nearly two million is made up of 32 colourful ethnic communities and with it's many luxurious hotels and golf resorts... Hotels in Sabah





Hotels in SarawakHotels & Resorts in Sarawak

The Sarawak state of Malaysia is situated on the north west of the Borneo Island and in addition to that, Sarawak is known as the largest state in the whole of Malaysia, great for golfers who like wide spaces... Hotels in Sarawak




Hotels in SelangorHotels & Resorts in Selangor

Rich in history and culture,Selangor is home to spiritual landmarks like the Batu Caves and has its very own Blue Mosque.  Hotels in Selangor are easy to find for golfers visiting Malaysia on a golf package.. Hotels in Selangor




Hotels in TerengganuHotels & Resorts in Terengganu

Terengganu is endowed with a wealth of superb natural landscapes. It is often said to have the most amazing geographic and natural diversity of all the states in the nation... Hotels in Terengganu





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