Hornbill Golf & Country Club

Hornbill Golf & Country Club is a Sarawak golf course and true golfing paradise for avid Malaysia golfers with its brilliantly designed 18-hole course laid over the highland plateau with a year round temperate climate, offering the most daunting challenge to test the skills of both amateur and professional golfers.

This Sarawak golf course was designed by Neil Crafter to reflect the natural features and contours of its unique highland location in Sarawak. This allows the Malaysia golf holiday maker to play amidst breathtakingly beautiful jungle sceneries. It offers a unique experience of ‘Golfing In The Cloud’. Imagine teeing off above the trees and putting in the mist and you will get the picture of the experience that awaits you. The highland climate adds to the unique golfing experience.

The Hornbill Golf and Jungle Club course is ideally suited to the golfer who seeks a fresh challenge every time he plays on his Malaysia golf holiday. Its 6,249 metres length is magnified by the steep gradients of the rugged mountain terrain, to make it as much a physical golfing challenge as a mental one.

The Hornbill Golf & Jungle Club was launched by Tiger Woods on 18th November 1999 during the World Cup Golf at Mines Resort & Golf Club, and received instant worldwide acclaim, as one of the top class, unique, exotic and fascinating courses in the world. Play here just once and you will want to return again and again for the ultimate test of your Malaysia golfing skills, on a course that is breathtakingly beautiful and heartbreakingly tough in the heart of beautiful Sarawak.

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